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Powerpoint Sales Presentation for HIKVISION

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Client Description & Task

HIKVISION is a leading global provider of IoT solutions with video as its core competence. Through continuous investment in research and development, HIKVISION offers an innovative range of products and solutions for a variety of vertical markets.

For the vertical market „HIKVISION Logistics Germany“ we were allowed to design and visually prepare a sales presentation.


Concept, Sitemap / Navigation, Storytelling, Sales Strategy

Design & Realization

Art Direction, Corporate Design Slides, Master Slides for the Company


AdobeXD, Powerpoint, Cinema4D, Photoshop, Illustrator


Logistics Slides


3D Visuals


Corporate Slides


Sales Presentation
Company wide

HIKVISION Logistic Sales Slides Overview


“Hikvision Solving Warehouse Paint Points and secure the supply chain”

The Business Development Manager of HIKVISION Europe often received the feedback in customer meetings that the technical details were not decisive for the order. It was much more the understanding and the presentation of a solution for a client specific sub-problem or the optimization of a logistic process. Technical details like the cameras megapixels, resolution or transfer rates of were secondary.

Nevertheless, most of the individual created sales presentations, which the sales staff went hunting for customers, were designed precisely on this technical, maybe more obvious aspects.


So, the task was, …

  • … to create a situation for the customer in which he feels directly recognized and understood with his daily pain points.
  • … to build up a modular presentation and unfold deeper informations step by step. If a customer is only interested in a certain part of logistics and matching HIKVISION solutions, we can dive deeper into this part if desired.
  • … to provide a presentation strategy for all sales employees, which presents the company with a uniform image to the outside.
HIKVISION Presentation Flow ChartConecpt


“… Presentation that simplifies and unifies the sales (pitch) strategy.”

The collaboration resulted in an interactive PowerPoint presentation that simplifies and unifies the sales (pitch) strategy. Instead of overwhelming the customer with technical details of the cameras, we pick up the customer visually and in terms of content. We show him that we understand his daily business and can name the logistical pain points.

On this basis, we show the customer specific HIKVISION solutions for individual areas in the warehouse environment (entry / exit, guidance systems, ramp control, picking, goods provisioning, etc.).


What we Made

3D Logistics Visuals & Sales Presentation

We started in visualizing the overview map of the Logistics Warehouse to show all the specific locations where HIKVISION Technologies can fit in. From there we developed and arranged “Beauty Shot” to visualize HIKVISION Topics in deep dive.

HIKVISION Logistics 3D Visuals
Hikvision Powerpoint Sales Presentation Slides intro
Hikvision Powerpoint Sales Presentation Slides Intro Assumptions
Hikvision Powerpoint Sales Presentation Slides 3D Logistic Visual Overview
Hikvision Powerpoint Sales Presentation Slides
Hikvision Powerpoint Sales Presentation Slides Details
Hikvision Powerpoint Sales Presentation Slides Details
Hikvision Powerpoint Sales Presentation Slides Details

Even More

Unified Corporate Powerpoint Slides

In addition to the sales presentation in the warehouse and logistics sector, it was important for the company HIKVISION to get a set of presentation slides at hand, which were implemented according to corporate design guidelines. No more individual PowerPoint creation by each sales employee, but a unified appearance for each internal and external (customer) appointment.

HIKVISION Corporate Powerpoint Animated
HIKVISION Corporate Powerpoint Template
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