Welcome to the weekly Design & Animation Inspiration #4

This week there is a I have found some UI interactions on the topic “Neumorphism”. Probably Neumorphism Interfaces is not a thing anymore, but the dribbble post from my colleague Stan Gursky gave me the idea to do some research on this topic.

Stan has built a Neumorphism prototype in protopie.io, where light and shadow are dynamically aligned with the angle of the smartphone. Awesome stuff!

This Week Neumorphism Styled UI Design


Dynamic Neumorphism Lightswitch (Video) by Stan Gursky

You can try it out yourself (with ProtoPie Player):


f6e5b4010a95ad9c05bd3532c266a91c - Bärenstark - Digitale Lösungen

Book Subscription App 📖 by Ariel Jędrzejczak for Riotters


6c9cb8deabc71b3bb158f6ab7ca653ff - Bärenstark - Digitale Lösungen

Neumorphism UI Trend 2020 by OTAKOYI


ae160f8f2f45438a72013c1bbbc2a36d - Bärenstark - Digitale Lösungen

NEUMORPHISM TUTORIAL by Julia Shagofferova


16563f664e6a9f11229191768ca9ea27 - Bärenstark - Digitale Lösungen

Dark Neumorphic Website Design by Samson Vowles🕺 in Neumorphic UI Kit


9ecf9ad4389b4797936e6298f197b414 - Bärenstark - Digitale Lösungen

Neumorph Clock by Vadim Demenko


2b4c34d902a7988b8466a6844b62d675 - Bärenstark - Digitale Lösungen

🎶 Neumorphic Music Player by Veno for Overlap Studio


35202e1791330752cc633e60512cf54c - Bärenstark - Digitale Lösungen

Neumorphism UI // Notification by Cosimo Scarpa


3b3c08a999b779f1745b814d9c2c6ac0 - Bärenstark - Digitale Lösungen

ING App Redesign by Matthieu Leung


59a71e28f3073b422359be37ac6a3fd0 - Bärenstark - Digitale Lösungen

Music App by Paulina Corona


3a2edcc409f6d4cf3c51a025d0a21550 - Bärenstark - Digitale Lösungen

Soft Text Input for Chat by Vincent Snagg


4a229b0faf0eaddae13dc0ba1866d1e4 - Bärenstark - Digitale Lösungen

Florist App by Darya Popkova


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