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Innovative web design trends for  2022



One of the defining aesthetics of the 1980s - is sometimes seen as a gaudy style that combines a variety of chaotic patterns and shapes.


Typographic hero image

As one of the first things you see in all websites, a hero image should have impact. 2022 Designers are taking that idea to heart with typography-led hero images.


Retro revolution

Retro is Back! The so-called Web 1.0 of the 90s was characterized by bright background colors, visible table layouts and robotic fonts like Courier.


Visible borders

Building on the retro style, but much neater. Strict grids and simple borders and frames are made visible.


Interactives & 3D (Still)

Animated, interactive 3D objects will still be a topic in 2022. We think this trend will continue due to better technology.