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The HalloWein-o-Mat is a tool that helps you find wine based on your taste profile. Just answer 6 questions about your taste in food and drink, and HalloWein-o-Mat will match you with the right wines.


Wine is available from different countries, in white, red and rose, on a variety of different web stores, but which wine is tasty? The taste of wine is a very personal thing. Finding wine is easy, but finding a good wine that tastes good is difficult. And to describe which wine you like is even more difficult.

What is easier, however, is to say if and how you like your coffee or if you are a fan of truffles. If everything goes through the same tongue and its taste buds, then you can infer from your food tastes to your wine tastes.


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The process and the importance of the right questions

How does the wine recommendation of the HalloWein-o-Mat quiz work?

With the wine recommendation tool HalloWein we have divided the typical wine categories into simple questions regarding food preferences and then made the answers to the wine products via a wine database.

This gives you a wine selection that is more likely to match your personal tastes without having to be a “wine expert”.

  1. 6 questions to your personal taste profile.
    Take our fun palate quiz to discover your unique taste profile, to which we pair the best wines.
  2. We match wine to your taste.
    It’s never been easier. Hallowein.com offers you the perfect match based on your taste profile.
  3. Discover. Profit. Drink.
    Enjoy your wine recommendation and benefit from special offers from our wine partners. As a wine merchant partner, you benefit directly from the best wines in Germany.

Step 1: How do you like your coffee?

With this question, we can make a better statement about the personal drinking style. It gives information about the taste and texture preferences. If someone likes his coffee just black without milk and sugar, then we can conclude that the person can handle the bitterness of “strong” wines. In general, the bitterness of a wine is defined by the number of tannins (processed seeds, steeps, grape skins) in the wine itself. Visually, this usually manifests itself in strong red tones in the wine.

HalloWein Wine Recommondation Quiz Step 1

Step 2: How salty do you like your food?

This question helps us to assess your taste in terms of minerals in white wine. Salty taste occurs rather rarely and is due to mineral salts that are transported into the grape with the appropriate soil composition.

HalloWein Wine Recommondation Quiz Step 2

Step 3: What do you think about citrus?

About this question tells us how much acidity you prefer. The “mouth curling” answer means you like a wine with higher acidity, where the first sip feels like biting into a lemon.
Anyone averse to the feeling of tart citrus should be recommended lower acid wines that have a bit of sweetness on the palate, making the acidity less apparent.

HalloWein Wine Recommondation Quiz Step 3

Step 4: Are you into earthy flavors, like mushrooms and truffles?

Are you into truffles and mushrooms? That tells us about your preference for earthy red wines.

Earth, mushroom and truffle flavors are secondary or complex flavors as opposed to primary flavors like fruit flavors. Someone who loves these earthy flavors and says,
he’s pretty much eating dirt, will enjoy a wine that has some funk. With red wines, this may mean the wine has spent some time in oak or is a bit older.

For white wines, the wine may have been subjected to winemaking practices (such as exposure to oxygen or malolactic fermentation) that caused it to develop those secondary flavors and add more complexity to the wine.

HalloWein Wine Recommondation Quiz Step 4

Step 5: What do you think about berries?

That tells us how you feel about fruity wines.

Sort of the antithesis to question 4 – someone who loves berries and would eat them raw is likely to enjoy fruit wines with sweet, bright, juicy and/or jammy fruit.

Good recommendations might be wines like Zinfandel, fruity Grenache, and warm climate Syrah (not like Verdadera).

HalloWein Wine Recommondation Quiz Step 5

Step 6: Do you prefer red or white wine?

Yes, the question is obvious. We try to offer you only wine that matches your preferences. Some people only want to have wine recommendations for white wine or only for red wine, because it might fit better to the season.

But if you can’t say that across the board, due to sometimes red and sometimes white drink, then that is of course also possible.

HalloWein Wine Recommondation Quiz Step 6

Step Overview: Your preferences summarized

Finally, you will receive a summary of your selection to make sure that the statements you have made are to your liking. If you are not sure, you can always return to the individual questions and adjust your answer.

HalloWein-o-mat HalloWein com Wine Recommendation Quiz Tool

Step Newsletter Sign Up

Before we present you the 3 selected wines, we ask you nicely if you want to subscribe to our HalloWein newsletter. Of course, it is possible to view the results without subscribing to the newsletter. Just click on “not now” and yout good to go.

HalloWein-o-mat HalloWein com Wine Recommendation Quiz Tool

Step Wine Results

Based on your taste, we present you a selection of 3 wines from the assortment of our partners. You can see how well the wines match you and your selection by the percentage. The symbols show you which answers exactly match the wine.

With a simple click on the big button, you will get to the store page of our partner.

HalloWein Wine Recommondation Quiz Results Step 9

Mobile Optimized

Leaning back on the sofa with your cell phone is the best way to store. Of course, the HalloWein-o-Mat wine recommendation must also work on the smartphone.

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