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Brand & Design Solutions that connect People & Businesses


Explain Videos & E-Learning

We explain your service offer in an entertaining, animated video or make your product come alive in an interactive e-learning application.

About us

Network-based advertising agency from Karlsruhe, Mühlburg: Niche expertise combined with low overhead costs

We are strong storytellers and implement this in the areas of brand & design, programming, 3D visualization and explainer videos. We believe “Diverse tasks, need diverse knowledge”, that’s why we provide expertise when it’s needed, without basic and permanent costs.


Brand Strategy

We help companies build brand communication based on their target audience.

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Brand Case Study flecsable

Learn on the basis of the customer project flecsable how a brand is created and follow the design process in transparent steps from brand definition to brand identity and individual applications such as logo and website.


Wine Recommendation Quiz

The HalloWein-o-Mat is a tool that helps you find wine based on your taste profile. Just answer 6 questions about your taste in food and drink, and HalloWein-o-Mat will match you with the right wines.

HalloWein-o-mat HalloWein com Wine Recommendation Quiz Tool Logo


Web Stroys, Dailys, Resources & Freebies

UX Design Institute Certificate User Experience Design

Certified UX Design

Professional UX Designer awarded by Glasgow Caledonian University

Partner & Clients

starface up Logo - Bärenstark - Advertising Agency from Karlsruhe Mühlburg
sonamedic Logo - Bärenstark - Advertising Agency from Karlsruhe Mühlburg
seven2one Logo - Bärenstark - Advertising Agency from Karlsruhe Mühlburg
Paseo Marketing Logo - Bärenstark - Advertising Agency from Karlsruhe Mühlburg
italialize.me Logo - Bärenstark - Advertising Agency from Karlsruhe Mühlburg
Hikvision Logo - Bärenstark - Advertising Agency from Karlsruhe Mühlburg
flecsable Logo - Bärenstark - Advertising Agency from Karlsruhe Mühlburg
EC4U Logo - Bärenstark - Advertising Agency from Karlsruhe Mühlburg


Boost Your Productivity in 2023 with the Best AI Productivity Tools


NBHX-TRIM Brand Website

Concept, Screen Design, Programming


“Keep cool, don’t stress and treat people nicely!”

Also known as “don’t be a dick”, this behavior sounds simply too banal, but it is the most important attitude for a successful cooperation with Humans for Humans.


Responsive Web Design and Development

We carefully craft comprehensive digital experiences that function consistently and seamlessly across all browsers. From desktop screens to mobile phones and tablets, our websites scale and adapt smoothly.

Free Goodies

3D animated Objects

All free animated Icons

What our clients say about us

For the implementation of an explanatory video, we were very satisfied with “Wir sind Bärenstark” as a service provider and the cooperation with Ruben Böhler. Fast implementation, great design and professional work!

Stephan Kühner

Medienproduzent bei Seven2one GmbH

Imaginative graphic design, far from simple ABC standard design like many other “graphic designers”. Very professional and timely handling of the order. Only to recommend!

Kevin Görner

CEO bei Meos GmbH

I’m glad to have worked with you on this project, and I hope to have the chance to work together again. I happily recommend you to anyone who needs support in Design and Brand.

Torsten Schmid

Business Development Manager for the European Vertical Logistics of HIKVISION

Check out the FAQ to find out, if we’re a good fit:

What sort of projects do you mostly work on?

We enjoy working with brands that need design and strategy support to become even stronger. Many of our clients come from the healthcare, education, IT, and gastronomy – but we’re always open to new projects. Find out more on the service or porfolio page or just email us.

The service i am looking for is not presented on this website. Can you still support me?

We are a network-based advertising agency, so we have a network of trusted partners. We are able to realize many things that are not explicitly presented on the website. Write us a message if you want to know if we can take over your project.

What do you need to create a quote?

It depends on the nature and complexity of the project. To understand the scope of the work, we need to know if you need the big silverware with brand development or go straight for a specific marketing channel, like website or explainer video. “How long should the video be?” and “what is the feature set of the website?” are questions that need to be answered. Give us a call or make an appointment by email, and we can discuss in person what we need to get started.

I am a startup company with a small budget. Is it possible to work with you anyway?

Never say never. Brands that are brave and risk-taking really speak to us. Our goal is to make sure that emerging businesses get the attention they deserve. That’s why we want to help companies who might have been overlooked in the past by supporting them with access to resources and opportunities that might not have been available before. We will be happy to advise you in an authentic and founder-friendly way to bring you closer to your project. Dont be shy and get in touch.

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